Grand Street Project
Alameda, CA

Located in Alameda's Gold Coast District, this historical East Lake Victorian mansion was restored to its original detailed grandeur. Owned by world-renowned furniture artist Garry Knox Bennett, the house was completely destroyed in 2003 by fire and the subsequent water damage. As the project's general contractor, DC Construction recreated the 6,400-square-foot house in its original splendid image while bringing it up to current codes. The project was delightfully challenging.

Some of DC Construction's work on the project included:
  • Replacing the existing brick foundation with all new steel-reinforced concrete footing.
  • Providing structural steel framing from basement to attic while maintaining the original exterior window, porch, door and roof details.
  • Reframing old window and door openings and installing 44 new windows and two new doors that replicate the originals in design and size.
  • Upgrading the electrical and plumbing systems to meet current codes.
  • Replacing the old boiler system with an all new hydronic system that provides heat throughout the home’s four levels and five bathrooms.
  • Creating new custom moldings, trim, casings and baseboards to match the originals.
  • Installing new wood flooring to match the original, including the recreation of the original inlaid mahogany floor border design.
  • Replicating and installing exterior corbels, dentils and trim to match the originals.
  • Creating beautiful yet functional Victorian bathrooms on the main floors and Victorian-inspired contemporary bathrooms in the basement and attic.








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